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We Tend to Your Bookkeeping
So you can focus on your goals

Working with Alternative Financial Services is easy, straightforward and completely non-threatening. For many, it's actually a time of great relief as they unburden themselves of financial chaos and commit to getting organized.

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Complimentary Consultation
It all begins with a no-cost, hour-long consultation (which doesn't obligate you to contract our business or personal financial-organizing services). During this session, we'll evaluate your current processes, issues, challenges and frustrations and discover where you'd like to see improvement. From there—-if you decide to move forward—we'll customize an effective, realistic game plan that will quickly get you back on track.

Taxing Questions
Next, we'll discuss tax-related procedures and obligations, which—while critically important—are usually the bane of the small-business owner's existence. Some of the topics/questions we'll cover are:

  • Sales tax. Do you provide a taxable service or sell taxable goods? How often are you required to remit your taxes (monthly or quarterly)? Are your online tax payments and reports being paid and filed in a timely manner?
  • Payroll. Do you have employees? How do you process payroll—on your own, or do you use a third party processor? How often are you required to remit payroll taxes? Who prepares the quarterly tax returns? Who processes the payments?
  • Corporate business taxes. If you are an incorporated entity, do you make estimated payments throughout the year? In what amount? New Jersey uses a sliding scale of minimum corporate business tax, so it's important to be aware of the current year's liability and plan for its payment.
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs) or sole proprietors. Are you able to confidently project your taxable net income for the year? Do you make estimated quarterly tax payments toward your annual tax burden?

We'll also work closely with your accountant to appropriately address these issues. Please note, we do not take the place of your CPA; rather, we join the team of professionals who strive to protect your financial interests.

Let's Get Organized
Next, we'll discuss the best way to get your finances organized. We at AFS work exclusively with Intuit's financial software products, and each of our associates is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor®. For more details on owner Lisa Corcoran's certifications, view her bio on About Us.

Not Using QuickBooks?
If you're not currently set up for QuickBooks®, we'll choose the version that best meets your needs, budget and computer system. PC-based systems can use Pro, Premier, Online or Enterprise Solutions, while MACs can use Online or the Pro for MAC version. Once we install the appropriate software, we'll create a chart of accounts that's customized specifically for you and your business.

Retailers can use the integrated benefits of QuickBooks® financial software and Point of Sale (POS), which manages both inventory and customer transactions. We'll integrate the programs to exchange data and ultimately provide a complete suite of financial and inventory reporting.

If You're a QuickBooks User…
Currently using QuickBooks®? If so, we'll evaluate whether your version needs upgrading and/or updating. Then we'll clean up your data file and address whatever challenges or questions you may have with the program.

We Support You
Once QuickBooks® is organized and running smoothly, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s training, support, or ongoing maintenance, we adapt our level of involvement to what works best for you as your needs change. Much of our work is done remotely, but can be performed on-site as needed. Some sample scenarios:

  • We maintain your QuickBooks® file remotely, using one of many available technologies (QuickBooks® Online, Qbox, Right Networks or other hosted desktop,,, your company’s remote desktop, etc.)
  • We work in your office once per month for four to six hours
  • If you actively maintain your own files, you may only require quarterly support
  • Like most clients, you may request our assistance at the end of the year so that your QuickBooks® file (or its reports) can be submitted to your accountant for timely tax-return preparation

What's Our Invoicing Process?
Many clients prefer to contract AFS on a monthly retainer basis. In this case, we invoice a fixed fee each month to cover an agreed-upon scope of work. Fixed-fee billing can help clients better manage their cash flow by allocating a fixed monthly amount for bookkeeping support.

Alternatively, we can bill by the hour or the project. That means you pay only for the time we spend servicing your account or completing the project, plus one-way travel for on-site work.

Your QuickBooks® Pros
As the founder of AFS, Lisa Corcoran handles or oversees set ups and clean ups for new clients. Then, depending on the client's needs, an AFS associate may assume responsibility for ongoing monthly maintenance. Lisa handles maintenance for all POS clients and oversees the work of her associates for all clients.

"The nature of my business includes traveling two weeks each month. If AFS wasn't handling my QuickBooks, I don’t know how my business would have grown the way it has! They are timely and well organized, and the consummate teachers, whenever needed. AFS completely took this aspect of my business over, which gives me time to focus on my business goals."
Janine Cifelli, President & CEO
Janine Cifelli Representation

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